Physician Extenders

Physicians often supervise physician extenders in their daily practice.  If you currently supervise any physician extenders or are considering supervising a Physician Assistant, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, an Anesthesiology Assistant or a Medical Assistant, take a few minutes and become familiar with the laws and rules related to supervising those extenders.  Remember, the physician is responsible for the actions of the extenders he/she supervises.


Grounds for Disciplinary Action; Action by the Board and the Department, Section 458.331(1)(dd), Florida Statutes, provides the following as grounds for disciplinary action: Failing to supervise adequately the activities of those physician assistants, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, or anesthesiologist assistants acting under the supervision of the physician.


Below are applicable laws and rules related to various physician extenders.






Physician Assistants


s. 458.347, F.S.

s. 458.348, F.S.

Rules 64B8-30, F.A.C.


Anesthesiology Assistants


s. 458.3475, F.S.

Rules 64B8-31, F.A.C.


Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners


s. 458.348, F.S.

Rule 64B8-35, F.A.C.


Medical Assistants


s. 458.3485, F.S.



Where do you find the laws, rules and the Board web site?

Florida Statutes (laws):

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