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Donate a Gift Basket To The CMS Foundation 2017 Holiday Auction!

Dear Colleagues,

Every December, the Capital Medical Society Foundation hosts their Holiday Auction fundraiser.  The most successful and interesting items each year are the gift baskets donated by physician practices.

In order to repeat the same kind of fun we had last year, the Auction Steering Committee respectfully requests that your office consider donating a basket this year.  This year’s Holiday Auction is December 7 at the FSU University Center Club.

Here is the fun part:  think of a theme for your basket… it doesn’t have to have anything to do with your medical practice.  (It can of course, but doesn’t need to.)  Stuff the basket with things that represent your theme.

We will display your basket at the Auction and proudly identify it with the name of your practice on a display card.  People will walk by the display and see that you gave the Auction some added flair this year!

With this note, I have included photos of some of last year’s baskets.  With the addition of “BidPal” to our auction, a photo of each basket is displayed on our Auction Website.

All you have to do is:   

  1. Call Rosalie or email Rosalie (877-9018, at the CMS office to tell her you will do a basket.
  2. Bring the basket to the CMS office by Friday, November 17, so we can log it in, photograph it and enter it in the Auction database.

Why should you consider donating?

Every year, the CMS Foundation makes significant contributions to the health and well-being of our community.  With your help we operate the We Care Network, give scholarships to FSU medical students and fund innovative programs that increase access to healthcare in our community.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Pam Irwin
Executive Director