CMS Lunch & Learn – February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019 L&L Brochure..

“Creating Satisfied Patients Who Love Your Organization”: Building satisfied and loyal advocates for your organization or medical services doesn’t just come from having good medical outcomes. Today’s patients often have choices on where to be seen for medical issues.  They also tend to weigh the emotional side of the equation — how they are treated through the entire process, their ability to understand and relate to doctors and staff, and feeling valued and respected — as much as the factual side — success rates, experience of medical personnel, rates of complications or infection, and timeliness of care and service.
Join us for this lunch-time session to learn and practice ways to communicate positively, learn the impact of words and offering options, and find ways to help build patients who are fierce advocates for your brand.  We promise you’ll leave with some new ideas and have a little fun as well.

Speaker: M. Michelle Bono, APR, CPRC
Sponsor: TMH Federal Credit Union