CMS Membership Meeting, May 21, 2019: “Message from On High: Your Mattress in Not a Financial Plan, and Your Dog Can’t Be Your Executor.”

“Message from On High: Your Mattress is Not a Financial Plan, and Your Dog Can’t Be Your Executor.”

You may have heard friends talking about financial and estate planning seminars that they attended, or seen a flyer in the mail or newspaper and thought to yourself:  “That sounds like a good idea, but is it really worth it?”
Education and information are the first steps to putting together a timely plan. Procrastination is the number one reason people do not have plans in place. They either procrastinate because the issues are difficult to deal with, such as death, disability, taxes, and investment strategies, or because they do not know where to start and what questions to ask. By attending this seminar, you will be able to listen to a panel of experienced, local professionals address the topics of legal matters, accounting and tax reporting, trusts, fiduciaries, and insurance products. In addition to the panelists, there will also be the opportunity to confer with local financial institution and advisor representatives to arm yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your financial and estate-planning. No matter whether you are single, just married, married with children, approaching retirement, or have parents or adult children who need your help, you will benefit by attending.

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