To promote the practice of medicine for the ultimate benefit of the patient

The Capital Medical Society Celebrates Thirty Years of Improving Access to Healthcare in the Community

The Capital Medical Society, Inc. joins its sister organization, the Capital Medical Society Foundation, Inc., in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the We Care Network program. The program, established in 1992, has coordinated over $120 million in donated specialty medical and dental healthcare for low-income, uninsured adults in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties. “Physician volunteerism is the program’s lifeblood,” says Executive Director Pam Irwin. The Capital Medical Society is an association for physicians in the four-county area. Three hundred of Capital Medical Society’s members donate healthcare through the program. Other members are referring primary care physicians. Physicians hoping to improve health outcomes and the quality of life for at-risk adults appreciate the We Care Network for distributing charity care equitably among their colleagues and simplifying the screening and referral process. Eligible patients must have income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level and have no other resources to pay for the needed healthcare.

Through a case management team of six, the We Care Network partners with referring primary care providers from Bond Community Health Center, Neighborhood Medical Center, the TMH Family Medicine Residency Program, North Florida Medical Centers, and Care Point Health & Wellness Center to identify at-risk, uninsured, adult patients in need of specialty healthcare. The team collaborates with volunteer physicians, dentists, donating hospitals, and ancillary providers to deliver donated care. Last year, the We Care Network received 2,908 requests for specialty medical or dental providers. The need is great.

“Physician volunteerism is not the answer to uninsured healthcare,” said Dr. Jim Stockwell, the local We Care Network founder. The We Care Network is a Band-Aid on the healthcare system in a community that values access for all. THANK YOU to the physicians and dentists who have been a part of the We Care Network these past thirty years.

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Building Loyal Customers in Challenging Times – CMS Lunchtime Virtual Seminar – Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Lunchtime Virtual Seminar
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
12:30PM to 1:25PM

Building satisfied and loyal advocates for your organization or medical services doesn’t just come from having good medical outcomes. Today’s patients often have choices on where to be seen for medical issues. Add to that the shorter fuse and unrealistic expectations of some patients and it is clear that we need to find strong ways to communicate respect and compassion to increase customer satisfaction. Patients today are likely to weigh the emotional side of the equation — how they are treated through the entire process, their ability to understand and relate to doctors and staff, and feeling valued and respected — as much as the factual side — success rates, experience of medical personnel, rates of complications or infection, and timeliness of care and service.

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April 20, 2022 Brochure



Please join the Capital Medical Society in wishing the doctors in our community a Happy Doctors’ Day!
They persevere with excellence through a challenging time. We want to recognize them as they care for patients and each other.
We want to acknowledge how much we appreciate them, their excellent healthcare, and their fantastic teamwork. They have done their best for the patients of this community and others transferred here for care. At the core, they are our medical family.

As we try to social distance as much as possible to avoid illness, they don their PPE and move towards those in need. The work in clinics, hospitals, and care facilities is part of the worldwide story of those knowingly putting themselves at risk to save lives.
They are working together to distribute vaccines and boosters in our community.

Many are physically and psychologically tired from the relentless impact of the pandemic.
And yet, these doctors continue to care for us. Now, is your opportunity to thank and encourage them.

March 30 is National Doctors’ Day, a day to recognize physicians, their service, and their contributions to society and communities. This year, celebrate National Doctors’ Day by choosing to make an honorary donation to the Capital Medical Society Scholarship Fund supporting future physicians.

Leave a comment in the Tribute Gift box on the donation page to be shared by letter with your doctor honoree.

To ensure your honoree receives their recognition letter before National Doctors’ Day, please make your gift by Monday, March 21.

Donate at:

Or mail your gift check, payable to: Capital Medical Society Foundation, 1204 Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee, FL, 32308.
Please include the name of your honoree and a sentence about why you are honoring them.
Each honoree will receive a letter notifying them of your thoughtful gift.