2019 CMS Foundation Scholarship Application

To:  First and second year medical students at the Florida State University College of Medicine main campus in Tallahassee, and third and fourth year medical students
at the Tallahassee Regional Campus of FSU College of Medicine

In fulfillment of its mission to increase access to healthcare, promote education, Capital Medical Society Foundation, Inc. awards scholarships to Florida State University College of Medicine students annually.

The scholarship fund has been one of the most successful and well-respected programs first established by Capital Medical Society over 32 years ago. Archived records since 1997 document that the Capital Medical Society Foundation has provided over 148 scholarships totaling $575,489 to students in the Program in Medical Science Program, the precursor to FSU College of Medicine, University of Florida medical students and FSU College of Medicine students. $548,000 of those scholarship dollars have been awarded to FSU College of Medicine students beginning with those in its inaugural Class of 2005. Many of those past recipients are now practicing in Tallahassee and some serve on the Scholarship Committee.

These unrestricted financial scholarships are made to first and second year medical students at the Florida State University College of Medicine main campus in Tallahassee and third and fourth year medical students
at the Tallahassee Regional Campus of FSU College of Medicine on the basis of financial need and a stated interest to return to the Big Bend to practice medicine upon completion of their residencies.

The Florida State University College of Medicine focuses more than any other medical school in Florida on recruiting students who will help meet the health-care needs of Florida’s medically underserved populations.
Research has shown that students with the greatest commitment to service are often those who themselves come from rural and other underserved communities and have fewer economic resources.
Click here to learn more about Florida State University College of Medicine and its mission and community-based model.

Applications are accepted each year in June. To apply, please download, complete and return the fillable scholarship application by July 1, 2019. To view the list of 2018 recipients, click here.


Pam Irwin

Pam Irwin
Executive Director
Capital Medical Society
1204 Miccosukee Road
Tallahassee, FL  32308
850-877-9018 (O)
850-878-0218 (F)


Scholarship-Application-2019 Fillable Form

CMS Membership Meeting, May 21, 2019: “Message from On High: Your Mattress in Not a Financial Plan, and Your Dog Can’t Be Your Executor.”

“Message from On High: Your Mattress is Not a Financial Plan, and Your Dog Can’t Be Your Executor.”

You may have heard friends talking about financial and estate planning seminars that they attended, or seen a flyer in the mail or newspaper and thought to yourself:  “That sounds like a good idea, but is it really worth it?”
Education and information are the first steps to putting together a timely plan. Procrastination is the number one reason people do not have plans in place. They either procrastinate because the issues are difficult to deal with, such as death, disability, taxes, and investment strategies, or because they do not know where to start and what questions to ask. By attending this seminar, you will be able to listen to a panel of experienced, local professionals address the topics of legal matters, accounting and tax reporting, trusts, fiduciaries, and insurance products. In addition to the panelists, there will also be the opportunity to confer with local financial institution and advisor representatives to arm yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your financial and estate-planning. No matter whether you are single, just married, married with children, approaching retirement, or have parents or adult children who need your help, you will benefit by attending.

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CMS Lunch & Learn – May 15, 2019: Health Care Reform as of 2019 and Legislative Updates:

Health Care Reform as of 2019 and Legislative Updates

Representatives from the Government Relations team at Florida Blue will provide updates on how recent activity at the federal and state levels will impact health care policy

Speaker: Kelly James
Sponsor: Campus USA Credit Union

May 15 2019 L&L Brochure.

CMS Lunch & Learn – April 17, 2019

Prepare, Respond and Recover – Disaster Planning:
We can’t prevent disasters, but the ability to plan and recover swiftly can help prevent another disaster in the aftermath. Learn how to prepare for “what’s next,” and when losses do occur, mitigate the loss, document and quantify income loss, and quick-start the resumptions of operations. Prepare, respond, and recover—the  hallmarks of a resilient organization.
Speakers: Greg Jaap, CIC, Executive Vice President, Brown and Brown of Florida, Inc.
& Frank Russo, Procor Solutions and Consulting
Sponsor: Brown & Brown Insurance

APRIL 17 2019 L&L Brochure

CMS Membership Meeting & Presentation: Physicians as Effective Advocates 4-16-19

Physicians as Effective Advocates

Many physicians have experienced the personal and professional benefit of engaging in the advocacy arena.
This dynamic presentation will provide physicians with resources and tools to elevate their influence and raise their community profile.   Our speakers will provide tips and tricks for effective physician advocates and why physician involvement is critically important to finding solutions to the health care challenges facing modern society.
Attendees will learn how to translate a little effort into an influence multiplier.
The program will also explore the role of County Medical Societies in developing leaders and a strong grassroots network that can lead to legislative success.

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CMS Lunch & Learn – March 27, 2019

Identifying and Retaining Talent in the 21st Century

Are you having difficulty finding suitable candidates to fill your vacancies? Are your recruiting strategies being challenged by the extremely low unemployment rates often referred to as full-employment? If your answer is yes to either of the questions then mark your calendar and join me for an hour packed information session that will include healthcare labor market trends, just-in-time tools to assist with recruiting talent now and a strategy for building a talent pipeline for your future workforce needs.
Speaker: Kim Moore, Vice President for Workforce Innovation, Tallahassee Community College
Sponsor: Strategic Benefits Group

March 27 2019 L&L Brochure

CMS Lunch & Learn – February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019 L&L Brochure..

“Creating Satisfied Patients Who Love Your Organization”: Building satisfied and loyal advocates for your organization or medical services doesn’t just come from having good medical outcomes. Today’s patients often have choices on where to be seen for medical issues.  They also tend to weigh the emotional side of the equation — how they are treated through the entire process, their ability to understand and relate to doctors and staff, and feeling valued and respected — as much as the factual side — success rates, experience of medical personnel, rates of complications or infection, and timeliness of care and service.
Join us for this lunch-time session to learn and practice ways to communicate positively, learn the impact of words and offering options, and find ways to help build patients who are fierce advocates for your brand.  We promise you’ll leave with some new ideas and have a little fun as well.

Speaker: M. Michelle Bono, APR, CPRC
Sponsor: TMH Federal Credit Union