Board of Directors

Our 2017 Capital Medical Society Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors are:

Profile Picture Position Full Name
John.Mahoney President John Mahoney, M.D.
Al.McCully Vice President Al McCully, M.D.
Nancy.Loeffler Secretary Nancy Loeffler, M.D.
Kenneth.Wasson Treasurer Kenneth R. Wasson, M.D.
Walt.Colon Board Director Joedrecka Brown-Speights, M.D.
Walt.Colon Board Director Walt Colón, D.M.D.
CMS President-Elect David Dixon, D.O.
Avon.Doll Board Director Avon Doll, M.D.
Terreze.Gamble Board Director Terreze Gamble, M.D.
Tracey.Hellgren CMS President Tracey Hellgren, M.D.
David.Jones Board Director David Jones, M.D.
Fred.Lindsey Emeritus Fred Lindsey, M.D.
Maribel.Lockwood Board Director Maribel Lockwood, M.D.
J.Brian.Sheedy Board Director J. Brian Sheedy, M.D.
David.Stewart Board Director David Stewart, M.D.
Jay.Walton Board Director Jay Walton, D.D.S.
Barbara.Williams Board Director Barbara Williams, M.D.
Charles.Williams Board Director Charles Williams, M.D.
Pam.Wilson CMS Executive Director Pam Irwin