Physician Wellness Program

The Physician Wellness Program (PWP) provides a safe harbor for physicians to receive wellness coaching to address normal life difficulties in a confidential and professional environment. To view the program brochure, click here. (Please note: Dr. Kenneth Fowler passed away on October 17, 2023. We appreciate his service to the physician community. Dr. Debra Weaver is not accepting new wellness coaching clients.)
To view our contracted wellness coaching options, click here.

Why Was The Program Created?
A physician’s life can be difficult. Problems with the current health care delivery system, maintaining a healthy work/life/family balance, and dealing with the normal stresses of everyday life take their toll on physicians.

Often our patients turn to us for counseling and guidance, but who can we turn to when we need to talk through an issue or get some coaching on how to handle the stresses in our lives? Too often the answer is “no one,” and that is regrettable. It is important that we be as healthy as possible in our roles as physicians.

It is important that we function at our best in all areas of our lives. By addressing areas of difficulty, we can decrease our stress levels and increase our level of resilience and effectiveness.

Some Examples of those Difficulties Include:
• Family Issues
• Relationship Problems
• Work-related Issues
• Depression and Anxiety
• Burnout
• Difficulty Managing Stress
• Mood Swings
• Suicidal Thoughts

How PWP Works
We have focused our program on six licensed psychologists and licensed family and marriage therapists. They provide up to six, free, confidential wellness coaching visits to Active and Associate members of Capital Medical Society (CMS) and TMH residents per calendar year.

Our providers maintain a minimal confidential paper file for each physician. No insurance will be billed and CMS and CMS Foundation, Inc.’s staff will not be given any information that would identify those who utilized the program. As such, the program is completely confidential. CMS Foundation will pay a monthly invoice to each psychologist based on the total number of sessions provided. CMS membership will be verified through the Membership List on our website.

To Make an Appointment
1) View our contracted wellness coaching options here
2) Then contact your selected coach and identify yourself as a member of the Capital Medical Society or as a TMH Resident and that you wish to utilize the Physician Wellness Program

PWP Benefits
• This program is a CMS membership benefit for Active and Associate Members and TMH Residents
• Member relatives may attend coaching sessions with members in attendance
• Six, free, wellness coaching sessions each calendar year
• Complete confidentiality
• Convenient locations in Tallahassee
• This program is funded by donations and grants