CMS Lunch & Learn: February 19, 2020

My Network is Under Attack! Cybersecurity Threats, Data Breaches, and HIPAA: What You Need to Know

The cybersecurity threat landscape is rapidly evolving and no business is immune from potential attack. This presentation will discuss the most prevalent threats, how those threats result in data breaches, and what you need to know about HIPAA compliance in the event of a breach.

Speakers: Lindsay Nickle-Lewis, Lewis Brisbois
The Keane Group

Brochure February 19 2020 Cybersecurity

Capital Medical Society February 18, 2020 Membership Meeting


What Stage of your financial life are you in?  Through increasing opportunity and striving for financial independence, learning to navigate the accumulation and investment of wealth is more important than ever.
When do you start thinking about what you need to do to securely set yourself up and manage your wealth in each phase of your life—START UP, GROWTH and KICKBACK.
In the beginning- start-up, it is just the beginning of our careers; the time in our lives where we are no longer financially dependent on our parents.
During our growth phase of our financial life, also known as the middle, we are almost at the peak of our career and truly beginning to accumulate more significant assets.
Finally, when is it time to kick-back and enjoy the ‘retirement’ or ‘optionally employed’ time of our careers and hopefully financial independence.
Each stage, start-up, growth and kick-back will provide thoughts and ideas beginning with navigating the pitfalls.  Kelly O’Keefe, attorney with Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, PA  will provide stories and thoughts around avoiding litigation in each of the stages of your financial life; focusing on your planning of asset protection and wealth transfer.  Melissa Wright, Private Banker with Capital City Bank, will provide ideas around planning and managing each stage of your financial life.  Should you pay off your home mortgage? How much should you save so you can retire?  Finally, Jana McConnaughhay, attorney with Waldoch and McConnaughhay, PA., will provide guidance for your estate planning desired for each stage of your financial life stages.

Panelists include:
Ben Bowersox-Wealth Advisor, Capital City Trust Company
Jana McConnaughhay-Attorney, Waldoch & McConnaughhay, PA
Kelly O’Keefe-Attorney-Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, PA
Melissa Wright-Private Banker, Capital City Bank
Moderator:  Alan Cox-Attorney

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DO NO HARM – Viewing & Discussion

The Florida State University College of Medicine
The Capital Medical Society Foundation
& The CMS Foundation Physician Wellness Program
Do No Harm:
Exposing the Hippocratic Hoax

Viewing and Discussion
Wednesday, February 19, 2020 – 7:00 PM
FSU College of Medicine Auditorium
1115 West Call Street, Tallahassee

Doctors take an oath to save lives but are taking their own at an alarming rate, trapped in a toxic health care system that puts their lives and their patients’ lives at great risk in an epidemic that’s been covered up for decades – until now. “Do No Harm” follows four people bonded by tragedy on a mission to expose a hidden epidemic of depression and suicide among medical students and physicians.

CMS Member Physicians/Guest
CMS Non-Member Physicians/Guest
Leon County Dental Association Members/Guest

Please Register by February 13, 2020

This viewing is in conjunction with the Florida State University College of Medicine Viewing on February 19, 2020

CE Broker Discount for Capital Medical Society Members

CE Broker is the official continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health and manages the database of CME records for all physicians in the state.

The Capital Medical Society and CE Broker have joined together to offer our Members an exclusive rate of only $12 per year for the Professional Account ($29) with CE Broker.  This is a savings of $17!

Benefits of CE Broker’s Professional Service:


  • See your renewal requirements in detail.
  • Quickly report missing CE.
  • Check your compliance status anytime.
  • Know when your requirements are fully met.
  • Find approved educational providers.
  • Receive important notifications from your regulating agency.


  • Permanently back up your reported documents.
  • Store heart cards & multiple licenses.


  • Access your account through free apps.
  • Review all past course info in your Course History.
  • Digitally Store all your certificates.

To determine compliance with continuing education renewal requirements, the DOH, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, reviews the records in CE Broker.

Read more about CE Broker.

Not taking advantage of your CMS Member CE Broker Discounted Rate?  Call CMS at (850) 877-9018 to register! 





The Capital Medical Society is pleased to announce a new membership benefit:  My Green Doctor.  This free program shows how to add environmental sustainability to your offices.   It requires your office manager or you to add only five minutes of Green Team business to each regular staff meeting. You will save money — as much as $2000 per doctor per year– as you adopt wise environmental practices.  In addition, there are free brochures, posters, and other tools for teaching the office staff, patients and families.  My Green Doctor helps us to prepare our patients for the health effects of climate change.

We recommend that you register at My Green Doctor and ask your office colleagues to register at well.  Registration is free, safe, and takes under two minutes:  The site is for all healthcare professionals, not only physicians.  Your  office will receive a free certificate for the waiting room just for registering.

Your office manager will learn how to start a Green Team that meets for five minutes as part of each usual staff meeting.  Every meeting is scripted in the “Meeting-by-Meeting Guide” so that there is nothing for your manager to study in advance. The office will read the “Ten Reasons to Go Green” and use the “Meeting-by-Meeting Guide” to make gradual improvements. You can qualify for the Green Doctor Office Certificate in just six weeks!  The $250 certificate is free to you as a member of the Capital Medical Society.

My Green Doctor is a practice management tool that is designed by Florida doctors, is science-based, and is comprehensive.  It is used by hundreds of offices in 50 countries because it really works.  Check out this new, free CMS membership benefit!

DocbookMD – A Member Benefit of The Capital Medical Society

What is DocbookMD?

Designed by physicians and for physicians, DocbookMD is an exclusive HIPAA-secure application for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that allows physicians to send HIPAA-compliant messages bundled with photos of x-rays, EKGs, wounds, and more just as if they were sending a text.

DocbookMD is a free CMS member benefit that is breaking down the communication barriers between physicians, transforming medical collaboration and improving patient care. Join the growing community today by downloading DocbookMD from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


How to Get DocbookMD 

DocbookMD is a free CMS member benefit. Across the country, the app is also offered for free to physicians exclusively through their county/state medical societies. DocbookMD is now in use by more than 25,000 physicians in 46 states.

It’s easy and free to get DocbookMD:

  1. Claim your account here.
  2. Download the app for iOS, Android, or access the web version from your desktop or laptop.
  3. Log in to DocbookMD and start messaging! If you need help, use the Quick Start Guide.

If you need any additional help, the support team at DocbookMD is available at or 888.204.0053.

Why DocbookMD? 

“DocbookMD allows you to look up another doctor at the point of care. You can then either call the physician or send a text message with room numbers, medical record numbers, even pictures of wounds and x-rays. And all of this is sent securely and in a way that meets HIPAA requirements.”  -Tim Gueramy, MD, orthopedic surgeon and cofounder of DocbookMD

Download DocbookMD

What Does DocbookMD Offer Physicians?

  • Physician-centered patient care: Reach out to colleagues and coordinate your entire care team from nurses to front office staff.
  • A convenient way to share vital patient information from the point-of-care.
  • HIPAA-secure ability to attach high-resolution images of x-rays, EKGs, or wounds to any message.
  • A universal communication solution: Use DocbookMD to coordinate care across any type of practice setting ― even without an EHR.
  • Details on all your local pharmacies