Our Mission: To promote the practice of medicine for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

An Invitation to Organized Medicine

Welcome to Capital Medical Society (CMS). We are the Tallahassee-based, local professional membership organization for physicians, representing more than 630 licensed physician members who live and work in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties. A non-profit corporation, CMS is governed by an annually elected Board of Governors and offers a variety of services to both its members and to the public.

Physicians (M.D. and D.O.) make up the membership of the Capital Medical Society. Our members include physicians, resident physicians at the TMH Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and General Surgery Residency Programs, and medical students at FSU College of Medicine. Our members are involved with all issues and dynamics that surround medical care, such as legal, legislative, regulatory, public health, media relations, and continuing medical education. Since 1973, the CMS membership has grown from 158 members to its current membership of more than 630 members. Over the years, society members have taken the leadership role in providing and promoting quality health care in the community.

The primary focus of the Capital Medical Society is physician advocacy and support.

CMS is affiliated with the Florida Medical Association, the largest, most effective organization representing the interests of all Florida physicians and their patients.


 Who are our Members?

All licensed physicians (M.D. and D.O.) in our area are eligible to join.


What are the benefits of membership?

  • Free Educational Membership Events: 5 CME membership meetings per year to address critical care updates along with Florida Board of Medicine mandatory topics. In addition to hearing from guest speakers on current issues in medicine and obtaining required CME credits, membership meetings are an excellent way for physicians to keep in touch with their colleagues and develop supportive relationships.
  • Physician Referral Service: Capital Medical Society makes approximately 2,000 referrals per year to member physicians and answers inquiries about their medical backgrounds and board certifications. In addition, an up-to-date, searchable directory with links to member websites is a prominent feature on our website and helps bring patients to you.
  • CE Management Discount: CE Broker Professional Account Discount to easily manage your CE and make license renewal simple.
  • Practice Tools: My Green Doctor, a free practice management tool that will add environmental sustainability to your offices.
  • Advocacy, Support, and Information Resource: CMS works closely with the Florida Medical Association (FMA) to pass legislation that protects physicians and their patients. The physician’s office staff is informed of any new legislation passed that impacts local practices. CMS sends a delegation to the FMA Annual Meetings. CMS encourages all members to join the FMA.
  • Service: Serving as a We Care Network donating provider is an opportunity to partner in an award-winning network of 300+ CMS members who provide donated specialty medical care to low-income, uninsured patients through an organized CMS-created program.  Up to 5 hours, per biennium, of CE Credit, may be fulfilled by performing pro bono medical services to We Care Network patients. If you are interested in joining the program, please email sboyle@capmed.org.
  • Family/Social Activities: CMS offers a variety of events and activities to enable colleagues to network and spend time with their families. Events include two elegant dinner functions each year where members and their spouses or guest are invited. A Doctor/Child banquet is also hosted by the medical society.  These are great opportunities to network with colleagues and, at the same time, spend time with your family.
  • Employment Service: CMS distributes resumes from people interested in working in physician offices. There is no charge to members.
  • Physician/Patient Relations Committee: A committee of physicians reviews formal complaints and helps members resolve their differences with patients. Non-members, without this benefit, risk direct action by State regulatory agencies.
  • Physician Wellness Program: Six, free, confidential wellness coaching sessions are available to Active and Associate CMS members and to TMH Family Medicine Residents.
  • Practice Management Education: Business of medicine educational “Lunch and Learns” to help you address your practice management and business needs.
  • A resource for information. CMS promotes the advancement of medical knowledge and technology available to physicians to better serve patients.
  • CapMed Today:  A weekly e-newsletter with breaking news and brief updates is sent to all members.
  • Cap Scan: This award-winning, monthly publication includes information you need to know about issues affecting your practice and the activities of your medical society. Members are welcome to submit articles to sboyle@capmed.org.
  • Committees:  The medical society has active committees, which address a variety of issues including legal, CME, legislative, access to care, newsletter and membership services. Members are working hard for their colleagues.
  • Pagers: Capital Medical Services, the for-profit organization that functions alongside our membership organization, provides access to discounted pager services.
  • Discounts for CMS Member Benefits:  Discounts are offered to members for malpractice insurance and legal documents.
  • Mailings: Mailing lists and labels for the CMS membership are available to members at our cost.
  • Members-only Portal on the CMS website: This secure-access, password protected feature offers members access to proprietary information.
  • Community Liaison The medical society provides names of physician members to organizations and civic groups in need of guest speakers and topics. We liaison with public health departments regarding public health issues and encourage members to volunteer in the community, providing them opportunities to do so.
What we do in the community
  • Provide an up-to-date Physician Referral and Information service to the public,
  • Champion ways to increase access to quality healthcare in our community,
  • Serve as advocates for patients by pursuing high standards in medical care, education, and ethics,
  • Participate in economic development initiatives sponsored by the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and other community groups,
  • Support the Big Bend Regional Healthcare Information Organization, a local initiative to electronically share patient information.

 What we do for medical office staff

  • Collaborate to offer a monthly “Lunch & Learn” seminar series. Pre-registration is required,
  • Coordinate access to other training opportunities for office staff,
  • Provide technical and consultative support to office staff,
  • Serve as a communication liaison between physician offices.