Medical Student Scholarships

In fulfillment of its mission to increase access to healthcare and promote education, the Capital Medical Society Foundation awards scholarships to Florida State University College of Medicine students annually. The CMSF Scholarship Fund has been one of the most successful and well-respected programs first established by Capital Medical Society Foundation, Inc. more than 36 years ago. Archived records since 1997 document that the Capital Medical Society Foundation has provided scholarships totaling $794,489 to students in the Program in Medical Science Program, the precursor to FSU College of Medicine, University of Florida medical students, and FSU College of Medicine students. $777,000 has been awarded to FSU College of Medicine students beginning with those in its inaugural Class of 2005. Many of those past recipients are now practicing in Tallahassee and some serve on the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships are made to first and second-year medical students at the Florida State University College of Medicine main campus in Tallahassee and third and fourth-year medical students at the Tallahassee Regional Campus of FSU College of Medicine on the basis of financial need and a stated interest to return to the Big Bend to practice medicine upon completion of their residencies.

The CMSF Scholarship Committee awards additional scholarships through the same application process from The Anesthesiology Associates of Tallahassee Scholarship Endowment and The Charles D. “Pedro” Williams, M.D. Scholarship Endowment.

The CMS Foundation Scholarship Committee accepts nominations from the FSU College of Medicine Pediatric Clerkship Directors annually for scholarships for 4th-year medical students who meet the criteria of The Julia Revell St. Petery, M.D. Scholarship in Pediatrics Endowment.

The Florida State University College of Medicine focuses more than any other medical school in Florida on recruiting students who will help meet the healthcare needs of Florida’s medically underserved populations. Research has shown that students with the greatest commitment to service are often those who themselves come from rural and other underserved communities and have fewer economic resources. Click here to learn more about Florida State University College of Medicine and its mission and community-based model.

Applications are accepted each year in June. To apply, please download, complete and return the fillable scholarship application by June 28, 2024. To view the list of 2023 recipients, click here.

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