We Care Network – Patient Testimonial

By Daisy

I am somewhat of a healthy 60 year old female. However, after being a member of Capital Health Plan (CHP) for over 37 years and upon retirement, I can no longer afford insurance. Thanks to the We Care Network, I was able to get the health care that I needed.

I was referred to the We Care Network to obtain services for an MRI. Once my referral was received at the We Care Network and my case manager was assigned to me, the case managers worked diligently to expedite my application to get the help that I needed for my procedure. Her cheerful, professionalism, willingness and pleasing attitude make her a valuable member of the We Care Network.

Less than six weeks after receiving my acceptance contract and signing the necessary forms, I was scheduled for my MRI. The procedure was done at Tallahassee Diagnostic Imaging (TDI). The staff and technicians at TDI were very courteous and friendly and I was treated with the utmost respect.

I would like to give a special “thank you” to Dr. William Yaakob for donating his time and services.

I am very grateful to the staff and technicians at TDI, Dr. William Yaakob, and my Case Manager, Ms. Roshanda Dorsey at the We Care Network.


We Care Network – Patient Testimonial

By Wade

Capital Medical Society’s aptly named We Care Network stands as tangible evidence of our very humanity. I truly shudder to think what hideous medical condition I would be in if the We Care Network did not step in on my behalf. Without going into the nitty-gritty of it, I ended up on the doorstep (or dare I say, on the operating table) of Tallahassee Surgical Associates’ talented Dr. Eliot Sieloff at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Realizing I was going to need additional procedures, Dr. Sieloff referred my case to the We Care Network. My new Case Manager, the fantastic Victoria Rabin, MSW, immediately contacted me to guide me through the We Care Network process.  From that point on, the answers to any questions were just a phone call away; the We Care Network took care of everything. While the doctors and nurses were busy fixing my body, the We Care Network was busy giving me peace of mind.