Referral Process

An Overview of the We Care Network Referral and Scheduling Process

-A primary care provider or specialty physician sends a referral to the We Care Network requesting specialty medical or dental care for a low-income, uninsured adult.

-A We Care Case Manager contacts the patient and completes a financial screening to determine eligibility.

-If the patient is eligible, a We Care Case Manager contacts a participating physician or dentist within the requested specialty. The We Care Case Manager also must send the patient’s medical records to the physician or dentist at this time.

-If the provider is willing to donate care to the patient, the We Care Case Manager and the provider’s office staff coordinate scheduling the patient’s appointment.

-After the patient has seen the provider, the office staff contacts the We Care Case Manager with information regarding follow-up appointments, or referrals to hospitals, ancillary care providers, and other specialty physicians or dentists. It is important that these appointments be scheduled through the We Care Case Manager to ensure that the services are donated.

-Once the physician or dentist completes the requested treatment, the patient is referred back to their primary care provider. The patient does not become the donating provider’s permanent responsibility.