Zika Updates


West Nile Fever and Neuroinvasive Disease – Information for Clinicians – August 2018


Florida DOH Health Advisory – Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria Evacuees-Zika – 10/18/17


Webinar – Beyond the Basics: The Impact of Zika Virus on Vision and Hearing – 9/5/17


Zika Fever: Information for Clinicians – 8/14/17


Florida DOH Zika Testing Update – 8/11/17


Zika Cases Continue to Increase – 7/25/17


Florida DOH Health Advisory – 5/23/17


CDC issues updates for interpretation of Zika test results for pregnant women – 5/8/17


Microcephaly “the tip of the iceberg” – 4 in 10 Zika-infected babies may have serious defects  – 12/14/2016


SWFL Researchers Craft Zika Medication – 11/29/16


CDC Study: Babies of Mothers with Zika Didn’t Show Symptoms for Months 11/27/2016


Could Zika Virus Have Lasting Impact on Male Fertility-11/8/2016


Zika Research Looks at Male Fertility-11/2/2016


Zika Detected in Woman’s Vagina Weeks After Infection – 10/19/16


Zika ‘Syndrome’: Health Problems Mount As Babies Turn 1 – 10/12/16


CDC Updates Guidance on Preventing Sexual Transmission of Zika – 10/3/16


Update: Bodily Fluids May Have Potential to Spread Zika 9/14/2016


Update: Interim Guidance for the Evaluation and Management of Infants with Possible Congenital Zika Virus Infection — United States, August 2016


Zika Fever-Updated Guidance for Zika Virus Testing-8/5/2016


Letter to Prenatal and Obstetrical Health Care Providers-8/4/2016


Pregnancy Health Priority Lab Form for Zika Testing


Health Care Provider Questionaire for Possible Exposure to Zika Virus


Letter from Marjorie Kirsch, M.D, Medical Director, FDOHLC-8/4/2016


Information for Clinicians 2/9/2016


Information for Obstetricians 2/9/2016


Zika Tools for Healthcare Providers


CDC Issues Updated Zika Recommendations – 3/25/16


Department of Health Resources for Physicians and the General Public


Department of Health Resources for Mosquito-borne Viruses in General


Center for Disease Control for Zika


Initial Guidance on Zika Virus Testing for Non-Pregnant Individuals And for Pregnant Women and Infants

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Zika Laboratory Guidance

Lab Guidance

Laboratory Packaging and Shipping Guidance Document

Zika Testing FAQ


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration

Guidance for Industry

CDC Urges Doctors To Aggressively Test Pregnant Women For Zika